Bespoke HR Solutions

A market-driven approach

Over the course of our recruitments, we have often been approached by our clients for support on certain aspects of Talent acquisition or management, based on our in-house capabilities. We decided, for full flexibility, to forgo a processed approach and continue delivering our services on an on-demand, selection basis. For most organisations, a tailor-made solution is still the best fit.

A wide range of Talent Acquisition Solutions

We are able to assist you in creating the perfect mix of Talent Acquisition solutions to reach your global recruitment objectives, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. No two organisations have the same needs or constraints, so there is no universal method. Our in-house capabilities and long term experience of your sector from a Talent Acquisition point of view give us an edge, not only as a global advisor, but as a purveyor of the solutions presented here:

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The GenSearch Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Matrix

Talent Acquisition is an objective which can be pursued with a range of tools.
Strategic Talent Acquisition is the art of combining internal and external recruitment to maximise global efficiency. We can help you build this strategy to deliver the best results.

Internal Recruitment

External Recruitment


Employment Value Proposition

Employment Brand Development

Alumni campaigns


Employment Brand Development

Career portals

Career days




Job profiling & competencies modelling

Recruitment process definition, assessment & optimisation

Employee referral programs & incentive

Graduate programs

Talent pool constitution

Recruitment programs

Recruitment assessment tools

APS: Applicant tracking system



Competitive watch Market mapping

Workforce planning

Career path definition

Performance management programs

Internal mobility programs

Rewards programs

Succession planning

Development & training programs

Assessment & development tools (benchmarking, choice)

Salary surveys

Talent management IS




Make or Buy

Internal Talent Acquisition team

RPO model

Vendor management


Make or Buy

Internal Talent Acquisition team

Internal trainers

Vendor management

TMPO model (Talent Management Process Outsourcing)