Executive Coaching

Do you & your team really know how to boost your organisational performance and agility?

We are your key international partners for your business transformation and your talent development strategy. We consult and co-create with you innovative, bespoke and added-value solutions that  will meet and exceed your expectations, by providing:

Organisational Development

Optimise team performance and agility by engaging, thoughtprovoking and impactful workshops

Talent Development

Support your Talent Development process from identification to succession planning


Individual & Team coaching
Professional Supervision


Customised and co-created as per your need

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions…?

How can I

❑ Facilitate a new leader on-boarding process to accelerate their integration & performance?
❑ Transform my managers into leaders?
❑ Boost my performance?
❑ Develop my leadership impact?
❑ Enhance my self-confidence or assertiveness?
❑ Accelerate my career development?

How can we

❑ Make our executive team more efficient?
❑ Foster organisational agility and innovation, through a collaborative approach?
❑ Enable sustainable business transformation beyond organisational changes?
❑ Enable co-creativity and co-responsibility within your organisation?
❑ Embark our organisation under a shared vision?
❑ Develop a Mentoring program to support your talent development?

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Case Study

Optimising your Executive Committee

Richard, the CEO, of a midsize Life Science company is introducing a Key Account approach and would like to have better strategic alignment and collaboration within his Executive Committee. The Division Director of the biggest BU disagrees with the vision and strategy. He feels isolated and the relationships with the CEO and the other BU Directors have been strained over the last few weeks.


Our approach with Richard and his team, was to fully understand their respective visions, mutual expectations, and
the differing opinions. A 3 step approach was selected:

Step 1 Co-creating and Co-developing their Key Account Strategy to change scope.
Step 2 Developing and monitoring their team collaborative approach and efficiency.
Step 3 Building on what they have learned to ensure sustainable results.


  • All views and viewpoints were expressed and valued in a constructive manner.
  • The Executive Committee re-engaged in a collaborative way
  • They defined their new operating model enabling: co-creation, co-responsibility and co-protection.

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