Executive Coaching

Do you & your team really know how to boost your organisational performance and agility?

We are your key international partners for driving business transformation and cultivating talent within the life sciences industry. Through collaborative consultation, we co-create innovative, tailored, and high-value solutions designed to surpass your expectations. Our comprehensive offerings include:

Organisational Development

Optimise team performance and agility by engaging, thoughtprovoking and impactful workshops

Talent Development

Support your Talent Development process from identification to succession planning


Individual & Team coaching
Professional Supervision


Customised and co-created as per your need

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions…?

How can I

❑ Facilitate a new leader on-boarding process to accelerate their integration & performance?
❑ Transform my managers into leaders?
❑ Boost my performance?
❑ Develop my leadership impact?
❑ Enhance my self-confidence or assertiveness?
❑ Accelerate my career development?

How can we

❑ Enhance the efficiency of our executive team in the life sciences industry?
❑ Cultivate organisational agility and innovation, leveraging a collaborative approach within the life sciences realm?
❑ Enable sustainable business transformation beyond organisational changes?
❑ Foster co-creativity and co-responsibility within your life sciences organisation?
❑ Align our organisation under a shared vision?
❑ Implement a Mentoring program to support talent development within the specialised field of life sciences?

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Case Study

Optimising your Executive Committee

Richard, the CEO of a midsized Life Science company, is implementing a Key Account approach and seeks enhanced strategic alignment and collaboration within his Executive Committee. However, the Division Director of the largest Business Unit holds differing views on the vision and strategy, leading to feelings of isolation and strained relationships with the CEO and other Business Unit Directors over recent weeks.


Our engagement with Richard and his team was rooted in a profound understanding of their unique visions. We aimed to harmonise our shared expectations and reconcile any divergent views. To achieve this, we implemented a systematic three-phase strategy:

Phase 1: Expansion of Key Account Strategy – We worked hand-in-hand with Richard and his team to co-create and co-develop their Key Account Strategy, broadening its reach and impact.

Phase 2: Fostering Team Collaboration – We established and managed a team-oriented approach, fostering a culture of collaboration that amplified efficiency and synergy.

Phase 3: Reinforcing Learning and Sustainability – We capitalised on the insights we gathered throughout the process to reinforce learning and ensure the longevity of the results achieved. This phase was crucial in maintaining the momentum and ensuring the continued success of our strategy.

This refined strategy not only provides a clear roadmap but also emphasises the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and sustainability


All viewpoints were candidly articulated and esteemed in a constructive fashion, promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

The Executive Committee reaffirmed their dedication to collaboration, reinvigorating their engagement with a cooperative approach.

They outlined a new operating model that encourages co-creation, co-responsibility, and co-protection, fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation. This new model is a testament to their commitment to shared responsibility and mutual growth.

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