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Senior consultants and researchers with different career paths in the Life Science industry and with a solid experience in executive search and can carry out your headhunting, coaching, assessment, talent acquisition or management assignments.

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ESSEC – Headhunters talk – EMBA

Iulia Sala from the team will be hosting a ‘Health roundtable’ for the EMBA  ESSEC and Mannheim program (5 worldwide – Financial Times 2020 ranking) students.

Executive Search Perspective: Pharma CX – The Healthcare Journey

Stéphanie Blanc, Senior Consultant at GenSearch started her career as Researcher, across all industries, as such she has invaluable breadth and depth of experience. Having been drawn to the intellectual challenge of Life Science, and has been specialised for 15 years, she is a Senior Consultant at GenSearch. Being well networked and highly regarded for [...]

Global Talent sourcing

We are an International Executive Search and HR services consultancy dedicated to the Life Sciences.

Our focus covers the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical,  and Biotechnology industries.
We work with companies who are in different stages of their business lifecycle from small Biotechnology companies just starting out to large multinational healthcare companies.

We work closely with all of our clients to add value and performance to their business.
Our goal is to also help executives build a successful career in line with their aspirations and the market reality using our extensive sector knowledge

Europe is a candidate gold mine

If, for example, the largest market for pharmaceutical products today is the United States, Europe spends the equivalent amount every year in R&D, and the number of new chemical or biological entities created per year is similar.

As a result, there are approximately 700 000 people employed today in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, with one of the largest proportions of executives and university graduates, from the most sought-after programmes.

The Medical Technology industry spans 4 distinct markets: medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, imaging equipment, and e-health. Europe represents a third of the world market and employs roughly 600 000 professionals, 95% of which work in SMEs. The market is consistently growing (4% per annum), because of its role in putting a brake on rising healthcare costs.

Most importantly, Medtech (Medical Technology) is the number one industry in Europe for innovation patents filed,  which is proof to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to the ground-breaking competencies that can be found in the Old Continent.

Case Study

Adapting sourcing to job description

For the creation of a new regional position, that of Patient Pathways Partnerships Manager, based at the headquarters of a leading global pharmaceutical firm, our client needed a complex mix of competencies and soft-skills. The search led us all the way to Canada to find the ideal candidate to fill this challenging position.

The position entailed working on patient pathways, integrating national specificities, and bringing stakeholders around a table of negotiation.

The role therefore needed:

  • Perfect understanding of varied healthcare systems
  • Aptitude for composing and promoting healthcare initiatives
  • Taste and talent for developing relationships at an elevated decision-making level
  • Strong project management skills

We presented a shortlist of 3 ideal candidates within 6 weeks, and the lucky candidate wasn’t from Europe, but a Canadian from the public healthcare system who best answered the pre-requisites for the job and convinced the Board. For us, it is once again proof that in a globalised world, local headhunting is restrictive, which is why we have an international team.