HealthTech Dinner Paris 2024 – What Role for Start-up Studios?

pierre-Albert Colcomb
Pierre-Albert Colcomb
Chief Operating Officer
Stéphane Tholander
Stéphane Tholander
Agora Health
Clément Bertholet
Clément Bertholet

AdBio Partners

Established in 2014, these dinners aim to bring together, in an informal and convivial setting, around fifty influencers in life sciences: start-up executives (BioTech, MedTech, digital health), public and private investors, financial analysts, and consultants.

Start-up studios are revolutionising the BioTech, MedTech, and digital health sectors by combining scientific expertise, entrepreneurial agility, and dedicated resources. These studios facilitate collaboration between researchers, engineers, healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs. Through their network of partners and investors, they increase the chances of success for disruptive innovations.

To understand the role of these new structures in the innovation ecosystem, we are pleased to give the floor to Stéphane Tholander from Agora Health, Pierre-Albert Colcomb from Ampleia, and Clément Bertholet from AdBio Partners. They will share insights on their specific targets and support models for start-ups, and the challenges faced in giving them the best chance of success.

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