Assessment & Selection Centre

What do we assess?

Soft Skills

  • Behaviour skills
  • Matching/gap between expected and observed behaviours
  • Cultural-fit including values
  • Motivational fit

Hard Skills

  • General & specific expertise
  • Coherence of professional background with market trends
  • Benchmark with the market: what can you expect

Assessment tools

Assessment tools

What for:

Selection: Assessment of internal and/or external candidates in a recruitment process – Gap/risk analysis – Recommendation – Proposition of development plans

Development: Assessment of potential/ Reassurance on assets: take a picture, discuss career pathway and prepare development plan – Succession plan – Diagnostic pre-coaching

Personalised 360° feedback: Identification of the core competencies (skills repository) to challenge the feedback

HR Due Diligence: before any investment decision

Assessment keywords


Commercial subsidiary of a Pharma company Creation of 2 new positions with a new management line


Larger team to manage/  greater exposure to the regional organisation/ greater strategic vision expected

To appoint the best candidates amongst the internal ones who positioned themselves


With the client – definition and weighting of the behavioural skills to be assessed:

  • Relevant role plays choice
  • PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory) personality questionnaire
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Second line hierarchical manager role play
  • Matrix project Manager role play
  • Client feedback and recommendations – Reports
  • Candidates feedback


  • 2 out of 5 candidates appointed
  • Development plan proposed
  • Appointment secured
  • Unsuccessful candidates received their feedback and a development plan

Track Record: Sales, Finance, R&D, Medical, Market Access, Quality Regulatory  and Marketing Departments.




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Assessment Process for an open position