Assessment & Selection Centre

What do we assess?

Soft Skills

  • Behaviour skills
  • Aligning and Assessing Expected and Observed behaviours
  • Evaluating Cultural Alignment, Including Values
  • Assessing Motivational Compatibility

Hard Skills

  • Comprehensive expertise tailored to both general and specific needs.
  • Alignment of professional backgrounds with current market trends for enhanced coherence.
  • Benchmarking against market standards to define realistic expectations.

Assessment tools

What for:

Selection: Conducting comprehensive assessments of both internal and external candidates during recruitment, including gap/risk analysis, recommendations, and the proposal of development plans.

Development: Evaluating potential and affirming strengths through career pathway discussions, preparing development plans, succession planning, and diagnostic pre-coaching.

Personalised 360° feedback: Identifying core competencies (skills repository) to provide effective feedback for refinement and growth.

HR Due Diligence: Performing thorough assessments before investment decisions.

Competency Self-awareness Career Path Accountability Leadership Style Goal-setting Motivation Self-improvement Teamwork Adaptability Communication Problem-solving Resilience Feedback Loop Skill Acquisition Leadership Development Program Personal Growth Continuous Learning Career Advancement Performance Management Professional Development Coaching Program Skill Enhancement Leadership Qualities Talent Development Empowerment Program Succession Planning Employee Engagement Organizational Culture Mentorship Program Leadership Competencies Training Initiatives Executive Coaching Career Progression Leadership Development Plan Performance Appraisal Leadership Effectiveness Soft Skills Development Learning and Development Leadership Training


Established two new roles within the commercial subsidiary of a pharmaceutical company, forming a new management hierarchy.


A larger team for enhanced management and increased exposure to regional operations, fostering greater strategic vision.

To select the best candidates from within who have positioned themselves effectively.


With the client – definition and weighting of the behavioural skills to be assessed:

  • Carefully selected role plays tailored to relevance.
  • Utilisation of the PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory) questionnaire for personality assessment.
  • Conducting in-depth face-to-face interviews.
  • Simulated hierarchical manager role-playing scenarios
  • Matrix project manager role-playing exercises
  • Compilation of client feedback and recommendations into detailed reports
  • Solicitation and documentation of candidate feedback


  • 2 out of 5 candidates successfully appointed
  • Proposed development plans provided
  • Secured appointments
  • Unsuccessful candidates received feedback and a development plan

Track Record: Sales, Finance, R&D, Medical, Market Access, Quality Regulatory  and Marketing Departments.

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