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Healthcare & Life Sciences

At GenSearch our Executive Search recruitment covers Life Sciences and more specifically Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, and supporting industries. We work with organisations that are in various stages of their business lifecycle, from Start-up Biotech’s to multinational healthcare companies.

We have collaborated with some of the most innovative firms, strengthening their boards, building exceptional executive teams, and sourcing individual leaders with the specific skills required across the healthcare and life sciences landscape.

Above all, our team shares a common philosophy of surpassing our clients’ expectations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and meticulous attention to detail has allowed us to cultivate enduring relationships worldwide in the Life Science Industry.

Professional Branches



The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the research, development, production, and distribution of medications. The market has experienced significant growth during the past two decades with revenues in their trillions. It is important to recognise that pharma companies vary in sizes, organisational structure, therapeutic focus and more importantly vision and values. Understanding what makes someone successful within each organisation is essential for appointing the best fit.

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With offices in the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland the GenSearch team are well placed to partner with multi-national, mid-sized and specialist pharmaceutical companies. We work on senior leadership and specialist positions across the entire drug development life cycle, from research to commercialisation. We complete searches across all the functional areas and therapeutic areas.

Our combined networks built over many years enable us to access highly talented and experienced pharma professionals globally. The pharmaceutical industry needs to attract and retain the best talent to stay ahead of the curve.



The biotech industry is a specialised, dynamic, and fiercely competitive field. Thriving in this fast-paced environment requires biotechnology companies to have agile executives with a blend of strategic and operational experience. At GenSearch, we have developed a methodology to identify and assess what we fondly refer to as “Swiss Army Knife” candidates. These are versatile individuals who possess a diverse skill set and can effectively contribute to various aspects of the organisation. Finding candidates with the right mindset and cultural fit is crucial, particularly for early-stage and growing biotech organisations.

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As an executive search firm, GenSearch specialises in helping European and Trans-Atlantic biotech companies find and recruit top-level executives and senior leaders. Our team provides strategic advice and guidance to clients regarding their organisational development. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of the biotech industry and leverage our expertise to connect companies with exceptional candidates who can drive success in this specialized field. Trust GenSearch to assist you in building a strong leadership team and achieving your organisational goals within the biotech sector.

Successful mandates include CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, and other highly specialised appointments.


Medical Technology & Tools

Executive search in the medical devices and MedTech industries presents unique challenges and opportunities for both companies and professionals. These sectors are characterised by the intricate interplay between science and technology. There is a growing demand for innovation from patients and healthcare professionals alike. Moreover, the increasing regulatory requirements have significantly influenced the landscape of the Medical Devices industry. Social factors such as an aging population and heightened healthcare spending further shape this fascinating market. As a result, there is a pressing need for exceptionally talented, innovative, and influential leaders who can navigate these complexities.

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GenSearch has a strong reputation in the field of Medical Devices, with a CEO who began his career in biomedical science. Working within this industry has been both important and rewarding for our team. Our executive searches have become increasingly complex due to the convergence of medical devices, tools, and technologies.

Our team has a proven track record of successfully placing highly skilled individuals within well-established multinational organisations as well as specialist device companies. Additionally, as investment in the MedTech sector continues to rise, we have collaborated with several venture capital-backed early-stage MedTech companies. GenSearch has extensive experience in all areas, including R&D, industrialisation, and commercial functions, ensuring that we can identify and secure top talent across the entire medical devices and MedTech landscapes.


Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene therapy represents a transformative category of medicines that has experienced significant advancements in recent years, with its potential continuing to expand. It is crucial to comprehend the underlying science behind these therapies. By extracting cells, proteins, or genetic material from patients, modifying them, and reintroducing them, personalized therapies can be created. The application of cell and gene therapies in rare and complex diseases offers a ray of hope for patients who have limited or no effective treatment options available.

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The field of cell and gene therapy faces a shortage of experienced and talented professionals, making it a highly competitive market driven by candidates. Experts in this field are motivated by the scientific breakthroughs, the calibre of their peers, and, ultimately, the well-being of the patients. At GenSearch, we have conducted numerous searches across various functions, including R&D, manufacturing, and commercial roles. This experience has equipped us with the right methodology to successfully attract and secure top talent in this captivating and rapidly advancing area of medicine.



Diagnostics has always been a significant focus for GenSearch. It plays a fundamental role in improving patients’ lives by enabling early detection and intervention, ultimately leading to longer and healthier lives. There is a growing emphasis on developing advanced diagnostic technologies and disease prevention tools, driven by the transformative impact of health innovation. Examples include AI tools, genetic technologies, and other emerging technologies that are revolutionising the field.

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Enhancing diagnostics not only leads to better treatment outcomes but also helps reduce the overall cost of healthcare. GenSearch has established partnerships with key organisations involved in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), medical imaging, and minimally invasive diagnostics. Our team’s expertise in diagnostics spans across various areas, including innovation, Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing, and commercial leadership at both executive and board levels. We possess a deep understanding of the industry landscape and have an extensive network, enabling us to deliver successful executive searches within this vital industry. GenSearch can connect you with exceptional leaders in the diagnostics field who can drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.


Digital Health

Digital heath or eHealth includes categories such as mobile health (mHealth), health Information Technology (IT), wearable devices, telehealth/medicine, and personalised medicine.

The Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors have been thrown into a digital revolution with technology working its way into every process and into everyone’s job description. The great advantages of innovative technologies in the healthcare and Life Sciences sectors are huge and undeniable, however the reality is there are multiple and complex challenges to be addressed. There are both real and perceived problems to be overcome.

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At GenSearch we have been able to partner with Digital Health, Pharma, Medtech and Research Institutions in this fascinating area. The need to bring technical experience is vital, although we have learnt that there are certain leadership traits that are critical to successfully leading a digital transformation. Appointing the right leader is paramount. GenSearch have multiple assessment tools and techniques to help ensure a robust process is followed to enable the best decision to hire is made.

At GenSearch we understand Digital transformation is all about people!

Digital health, also known as eHealth, encompasses various categories such as mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (IT), wearable devices, telehealth/telemedicine, and personalized medicine.
The healthcare and life sciences sectors are currently experiencing a digital revolution, with technology permeating every process and becoming an integral part of everyone’s job description. The advantages of innovative technologies in these sectors are undeniable, offering immense potential. However, it is essential to acknowledge and address the multiple and complex challenges that come with this digital transformation. Both real and perceived problems need to be overcome to fully harness the benefits of digital health.
At GenSearch, we have forged partnerships with organizations in the digital health, pharma, MedTech, and research sectors, operating within this captivating field. While technical expertise is crucial, we have also recognized that specific leadership traits are critical to successfully leading a digital transformation. Appointing the right leader is paramount to driving success. To ensure a robust hiring process and make the best hiring decisions, GenSearch leverages multiple assessment tools and techniques.
At GenSearch we understand that digital transformation is fundamentally about people!


Life Science Venture Capitalist (VC)

GenSearch understands the pivotal role that Life Science Venture Capitalists (VCs) play in the life science ecosystem. These VCs are instrumental in identifying and investing in promising early-stage and growth-stage companies. In the realm of life science venture capital (VC) funds, soft skills have historically held a unique value compared to other investment professions. VCs have traditionally emphasized personality, intuition, and entrepreneurial qualities in candidates.

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In today’s evolving landscape, where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly prominent, GenSearch recognises the importance of a broader, multidisciplinary skill set in VC candidates. Successful VC candidates are those who can assume multiple roles and contribute to various areas within VC firms, including strategic marketing, financial planning, team management, product development, growth models, operations, business development, and ESG integration.

The competitive nature of the VC market demands individuals who possess a comprehensive understanding of the life science industry, financial acumen, and the ability to navigate the evolving landscape. GenSearch is well-versed in identifying and attracting top VC talent who can effectively navigate these complexities and drive success in the life science venture capital space. Trust us to assist you in building a strong and diverse VC team that can make a positive impact on the life science ecosystem while embracing ESG principles.


Not For Profit – Charities, education

In an era marked by significant societal transformations, not-for-profit healthcare organisations play a vital role in delivering support and stability to individuals and communities at local, European, and international levels. These organisations contribute indispensably to fostering a just, well-functioning, and equitable society. Consequently, the demand for exceptional leaders within the non-profit life sciences sector is rising, as enthusiastic, motivated, and talented leadership becomes increasingly crucial in navigating the growing complexities.

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GenSearch has developed partnerships with esteemed educational institutions, patient organisations, and charities, aiding in the appointment of fundraisers, board members, and experts within the life sciences sector. Our goal is to facilitate the development of strong relationships between the public and private sectors, supporting organisations where financial gain is not the primary motivation. It is always a pleasure to contribute to these endeavours and help bolster the impactful work carried out by not-for-profit life sciences entities.

Pharma Services (CRO / CMO / CDM)

The Healthcare Services sector is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the changing business models of the pharma and biotech industries. Within this sector, Contract Research Organisations (CROs), Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs), and Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs) play a vital role in supporting R&D, complex manufacturing and offer expert services.
GenSearch understand that the relationship between the client and the partner providing the services is paramount to successful outcomes on both sides.

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At GenSearch, we possess extensive expertise in healthcare and life sciences, enabling us to provide specialised assistance to these organisations in recruiting service-oriented leaders. Our team has established partnerships with CROs, CMOs, and CDMOs, as well as professional services consultancies, covering a diverse range of functions.

Our recent appointments have included


– Chief Executive Officer/President (CEO)
– Chief Operating Officer (COO)
– Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
– Chief Medical Officer/ Chief Medical Information Officer (CMO)
– Chief Development Officer (CDO)
– Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
– Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)


— Independent Director (NFP)
— Non-Executive Director
— Scientific Advisor

Business Support

— Software Director
— Director of Operations
— HR Director
— Chief of Staff
— Project Manager Officer (PMO)
— Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
— Legal and Compliance Officer
— Head of Corporate Affairs

Research & Development

— Director of Global Biomarker Strategy
— Director of Preclinical Development
— Head of Genomics and Proteomics
— Head of Translational Science
— R&D Director
— Head of Biology/Pharmacology
— Senior VP Diagnostics
— Biomarker Director
— Head of Chemistry

Regulatory and Quality

— RAQA Director
— International Director of Regulatory Affairs
— Responsible Pharmacist
— Global Director of Regulatory Affairs
— Director Pharmaceutical Affairs
— Head of RAQA Europe


– Industrial Director
– Head of Global Innovation
– Director of Manufacturing Science and Technology
– Production Director Head of Site
– Technical Compliance Director
– Director of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


– Head of Commercial France/BeNeLux
– General Manager
– Sales Director
– BD Director
– Business Unit Director
– Head of Commercial Partnership
– Head of Market Access
– Market Access and Customer Value Director
– Market Access and Government Affairs Director
– Director Global Product Management Digital
– Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing


— Partner, Principal, Associate
— Head of Sustainable Investment (ESG)

Medical and Clinical

— Director of Clinical Development
— Global Head of Patient Recruitment
— Director of Early Clinical Development
— Medical Director Oncology
— Unit Director Development
— Clinical Study Director Oncology Rare Diseases
— Clinical Research Director
— Director of Medical Affairs