MedInTechs 2024 in Paris 12-13 March 2024

Stephanie Blanc and Sébastien Stoitzner are excited to participate in the MedInTechs 2024 event. Feel free to connect and reconnect with them during the event!


MedInTechs stands out as the premier trade show setting the standard for healthcare innovation. Originating from a fundamental realisation that significant investments, totalling billions of euros, are driving innovation in the healthcare sector, we recognize the crucial need to disseminate this information.

For the past two years, MedInTechs has steadfastly pursued its mission – to unite the progress of the healthcare sector and spotlight the contributors and initiatives driving its evolution. In its third edition, the show serves as a genuine tribute to innovators while providing an exclusive gathering for healthcare visionaries and individuals eager to explore and gain insights. Join us at MedInTechs and be part of the transformative journey in healthcare innovation.

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