Speaking at bio.be: Scale up! It’s time to grow for biotech companies!

Pauline Rambaud will be speaking at bio.be: Scale up! It’s time to grow for biotech companies!

 bio.be: Scale up! It’s time to grow for biotech companies!













Yes, Life sciences and biotech companies are at the top in Belgium.
Yes, they are innovative and they find capital and investors.
But it does not come from a magic wand !

What are the challenges biotech companies face in their scale-up process?

Find it out at our event “Scale up! It’s time to grow for biotech companies”.

Provisional agenda:

• Introduction
Tineke Van hooland (AbbVie), Chairwoman of bio.be/essenscia

• DARE: be ambitious, take risks
– John Tchelingerian, CEO Promethera BioSciences

• FINANCE: importance of an industrial board and -investors
Jean Stéphenne, Chairman or Board Member of different life sciences companies (Bone Therapeutics, OncoDNA, BePharBel…)
Christina Takke, co-founder and Managing Director at v-bio.ventures

• WORK: good teams are key
– Annelies Missotten , Vice President HR, Galapagos
– Pauline Rambaud, Senior Consultant, GenSearch

• Conclusion: lessons learned by success or failure
– Koen Segers, Director Healthcare Practice Deloitte

Each presentation will be followed by a debate led by F. Druck, Secretary General at bio.be/essenscia and commented by Prof. B. Surlemont (HEC Liège)

Context to these three topics

The scale-up phase is a challenging time for Biotech and Life Sciences spin-offs and start-ups. On their ways to become a company as such, they already passed different crash-tests successfully in their early development phase such as technology assessment with key partners, effectiveness of the business model, growing sales, confidence of investors, etc. It is now time to grow and to create economic and social added values.


Date: 23/10/2018 – 15:00 – 19:00
Venue: FEB – VBO, Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Brussels